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Fully Licensed:A2100347
Uncle Sam Investigation Inc.
"The truth starts with us."

About Us

Uncle Sam Investigations, Inc. connects clues to uncover facts about Corporate Business Legal, Financial,
or Personal Matters. Private Investigators offer many services including Pre-Employment Verification and Individual Background Profiles. We Investigate Computer Crimes such as Identity Theft and Harassing Emails. We also provide assistance in Criminal, Civil Liability Cases, Insurance Claims, Fraud, Child Custody, Protection, Missing-Persons Cases, and Premarital Screening. We investigate Individuals to Prove or Disprove Infidelity.
Locating persons who are missing or hiding requires specialized knowledge, skills and tools in order to uncover their whereabouts.

Uncle Sam Investigations, Inc. uses experience and state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment to provide parents/guardians with the peace of mind they deserve while their children/elderly are home with a caregiver. In today's world - unfortunately, one can never be too safe.

Periodically, revisiting a crime scene is beneficial for a Case. We see if there was anything that was overlooked; Interviewing Witnesses to see if their stories have changed or to verify that they do not have anything else that motivated their statements in the first place; discovering whether there are other witnesses that were overlooked or who did not come forward or provide evidence that was not considered previously; look into new or other developments since the case began; conduct Background Investigations on various witnesses; Serve Legal Documents; Conduct Surveillance;  Collect/Document Evidence; and Serve Many Other Functions.

With every investigation or accident case, we work to clearly establish the facts of the case. We do not manufacture events. If the facts are there to support or refute any allegation, we document and report on those facts. Uncle Sam Investigations, Inc. compiles all information gathered. Clients will be furnished with Progress Reports in a timely manner.