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Uncle Sam Investigation Inc.
"The truth starts with us."

Services Offered

**Employee screening**

Starting your new company/corporation? Screening a bunch of new prospects for your business but not feeling so sure about that the few you're considering. Give yourself some peace of mind and contact us for employee screening to safeguard your company.

**Fraudulent Insurance Claim Investigations**
**Accident investigations**

Insurance fraud costs Americans millions of dollars each year in higher insurance premiums. People fake injuries all the time and it'll be at your expense.

**Workman's compensation investigations**

Our investigators obtain information on the subject through surveillance and background searches to reveal that the person in question is in fact not injured and maybe even working elsewhere under the table while still receiving undeserved benefits.

**Background investigations**

Curious about the safety of your teen and his new friend? Maybe your daughter started dating that sketchy guy you really don't approve of. Hiring a contractor or babysitter to be in your home and around your family? Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.

**Undercover investigations**
**Employee Theft**

Employee theft adds billions to the cost of doing business in the United States and can destroy a company, bottom line. Our experienced Anonymous Mystery Shoppers, posing as customers and interacting with your employees can observe,evaluate and report compliance or non-compliance actions that are not up to the Company standards.

Your employees know everything about your business and with the right information in the wrong hands they can ruin all you've worked so hard for.

**Teen activity checks**

Know where your loved ones are at all times!! It's scary these days with the advances in technology and communications that link us to the whole world. Do you know what your child is actually doing when they say they're just "doing homework at a friends" or "at a movie, can't talk mom/dad"? Has your child been acting up or just distant? We want to trust our children but sometimes you need to find out for yourself.

**Domestic Situations**
**Cheating Spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend investigations**

There is no online database for cellphones but we do, We can give you a full name with address that is connected to that specific phone number so you can finally know who that number is.

Has your significant other, partner or lover been acting a bit shady lately? Working overtime, making cancellations or maybe attached to their phone more than usual? Its a shame
that statistics show that 65% of married people have had an affair or is currently having one. Don't become a victim and just turn a blind eye and hurt yourself, the truth sets you free.

**Bodyguard Services**

Professional and prompt bodyguard services for all applications. We specialize in keeping people around who they want to be and safe and away from who they don't want.

**Bug Detection or Sweeps**

Think someone has bugged your car, home or workplace? Uncle Sam Investigations have the state-of-the-art bug sweepers and detection tools to keep you from being eavesdropped on.

**Criminal Case**
**Cold Cases**

Need more evidence? Seems like all your leads have came up cold? We are masters at digging up all the dirt we can with great precision and professionalism while remaining unseen and under the radar. 

**Missing person/ Skip tracing**

Person of interest skip town? We have the right tools and operatives to trace the whereabouts of where they are!

Our team is complied by the best-of-the-best investigators; highly competent and respectful, completing our tasks speedily and when is best for YOU.